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We would like to welcome all of you to Climb Credit's blog! Climb is a startup student lending company with a mission of expanding access to quality education, providing financing for programs at over 100 campuses across the US. We identify schools that consistently improve their graduates' earning potential and justify the cost of their tuition, and strive to assess, track, and maintain outcomes from our partner schools to ensure students get a high return on their education investment. We then provide simple, fast, and affordable loans to these students to help them meet their career and financial goals! 

Our customers and partners are important, and what better way to help you further get to know us than by writing to you on a weekly basis and maybe even hearing back from you? We’d say it’s like having a pen pal for the digital age—you know, if pen pals were just really concerned with financing education.

But the thing is, we want to do more than just give you tips and help explain the difference between APR and interest rates. (Although we will do that because it’s an important distinction we all should know.) In this blog, you’ll also learn a bit more about Climb, our partners, and the people who help make us what we are. You’ll hear about the experiences of our borrowers and their thoughts on any number of subjects: Are they glad they took out a loan to pay for their education? What was the best thing they learned from that education? Do they think Severus Snape was a jerk or a misunderstood hero? And, perhaps most importantly, we want to hear from you! Write in to let us know what you think of the topics we cover, as well as what you think needs to be covered.

Basically, we’re a bunch of finance nerds who think this world is actually really interesting, but there is always so much more for us to understand. All of us can make better sense of our money, and we think you deserve to get to know better the institutions with whom you’ll be working. We don’t want anyone to go into situations blindly, whether that be a class, a loan agreement, or a new budget to help you save for that trip you've been planning. We’re here for you!


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