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About Climb Loans for Coding Bootcamps

Since 2014, the Climb team has come into work every day excited to get the chance to carry out our mission of increasing access to high-quality education. That's why we're proud to partner with over thirty coding bootcamps at more than one hundred campuses—these programs provide a great return on students' educational investments!

According to Liz Eggleston over at Course Report, the average cost of a full-time bootcamp in the US is $11,450—equivalent to one semester of a typical CS degree program. And in a coding bootcamp, you can learn:

● Front-end development
● Back-end development
● Mobile development
And even some non-coding skills too!

Check out the locations in the map above to find a school near you, then head over to climbcredit.com to learn how we can help get you on the class list!


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