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Loans to Pay for Truck Driving School

Since 2014, the Climb team has come into work every day excited to get the chance to carry out our mission of increasing access to high-quality education. That's why we're proud to partner with CDL programs in more than 20 cities—these programs provide a great return on students' educational investments

For those looking for an alternative to a degree that will take four (or even more) years to complete, a trade school such as a CDL course could be a great option.

Hear from a Climb-financed CDL student in the video below—then check out the locations further down to find a school near you and head over to to learn how we can help get you on the class list!



Local Truck Driving Schools

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Truck Driving Salary Boosters

What impact can more skills training have on your truck driving salary?

Truck Driving Salary


Meet the CVTA

"The Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) is the largest association representing commercial truck driver training programs in the United States. CVTA members represent nearly 200 training providers in 42 states and collectively train over 50,000 commercial drivers annually. CVTA’s primary mission is to advance and support the commercial driver training industry through advocacy, education programs, and certification programs to help members produce the safest drivers possible. CVTA advocates for policies that enhance safety through commercial driver training, reduce barriers for those seeking entry into the trucking and bus industries, and further advance overall driver professionalism."

CVTA website

Climb is proud to be a member of this support system for CDL programs and services! For more information, check out their site by clicking the link below: