Climb's Full Stack Solution

Our program gives schools the opportunity to approve everyone for financing, and we can tailor these loan terms to meet the needs of each individual program.

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Benefits to Schools:

  • Opportunity to approve all students for tuition financing.
  • Reduce operating costs of managing internal payments.
  • Use our streamlined School Portal, with real-time application updates.
  • Work with a dedicated School Partner Advocate.
  • Benefits to Students:

  • Opportunity to receive education financing other lenders may not offer.
  • Fast, simple, fully-online financing application, which has no impact to their credit score until the loan is funded.
  • Use our Student Portal to view application information and to review and e-sign documents.

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    Full Stack FAQs

    Q: Why did Climb create the Full Stack product?

    We believe in the potential of our borrowers, the quality of our partner schools, and the incredible transformation that can occur when you bring the two together. We don’t think something like a credit score should keep students from an education, so we developed a product to help ensure that schools can give all students access to financing that will help get them into the classroom and onto their new career paths.

    Q: What makes Climb's Full Stack Option different from other loan products?

    With typical private student loan products, only a small percentage of students have access to the financing they need. With our Full Stack loans, we’re able to approve everyone, and our underwriting determines how much of an advance rate the school receives for each student. This allows schools to increase enrollment and help students who would otherwise be left behind.

    Q: Can anyone qualify for Climb's Full Stack product?

    Yes—the Full Stack product has a financing solution for everyone, with every type of credit profile, including little to no credit history. By removing traditional barriers, this loan option is the key to unlocking quality education for more students.

    Q: Will students with good credit get better loan terms than students with poor credit?

    Although credit is not taken into account when determining whether or not someone receives a loan, it is taken into account when determining their loan terms. Applicants with a stronger credit history may receive lower interest rates or different term lengths. An applicant’s credit profile will also be taken into account when determining the tuition advance that will be provided to the school. These terms will largely be determined based on the School's decision of which level of credit profiles they are willing to finance.

    Q: Why is Climb willing to lend to students with little or no credit when others are not?

    We don’t just take a student’s credit history into account for their loan application—we also look at their school. We strive to work only with schools that increase their students’ earning potential, which places those students in better positions to pay back their loans. Our dedication to working only with quality school partners—our initial and ongoing diligence of those partners—allows us to lend to students when many other lenders can not.

    Q: Does my school have to opt into approving all FICO levels to use Climb's Full Stack financing structure?

    No. While we encourage schools to make their life-changing programs available to all students, regardless of FICO, it is not required. Schools can choose how deep down the credit spectrum that they would like to approve financing.

    Although full approval is not required, we do have loan volume parameters to ensure a successful relationship with our Partners. Our top priority is to ensure that our Partners, and their programs, align with our mission to expand access to quality education.



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    Loans are originated by Climb Investco, LLC (Registered as Climb Credit Investco, LLC in Florida). Schools do not endorse loans originated by Climb InvestCo, LLC, and Climb InvestCo, LLC is not affiliated with any school. California Finance Lender #60DBO-44527. NMLS Consumer Access (NMLS# 1240013). APRs on loans range from 0.34-29.76%. APRs on payment plans range from 6.00-14.00%. Actual interest rates vary within this range based on a number of factors, including your state of residence, credit history, the school you attend, and applicable lending laws and regulations. Applicable fees are disclosed in the loan note and payment plan contract. Consumers may contact Climb electronically through the Contact Us page or by mail at: Climb Credit, 41 Elizabeth Street, Suite 701, New York, NY 10013.

    * Full tuition coverage indicates tuition less your school's deposit

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