Climb Credit Onsite at West Coast Training


Welcome to West Coast Training.


Founded in 1959, West Coast Training offers specialized education through heavy equipment training programs for students all over the country. Students are drawn to the school because of its focus on quality courses and instructors, as well as its well-maintained fleet of heavy equipment. Each student in a class gets dedicated training and practice time on their own machinery, a key contributor to the job-readiness of its students.


Resting on the bank of the Columbia River in Woodland, WA, the whirr of engines breaks the otherwise peace and quiet at West Coast Training.


On my visit to West Coast Training, I learned another draw of the school is the driven — and fun — faculty and staff. Jeff Woolever, a 20-year Navy veteran, attended West Coast Training himself to launch his own career in heavy equipment and ended up purchasing the school. Jeff worked in construction and realized many students were inadequately prepared for a career in the industry. He made it his mission to deliver top-notch heavy equipment education, supplying his students with the know-how and experience for a long and rewarding career (as well as career placement services to help them get there). Every conversation with Jeff is tinged with pride and satisfaction in his students’ accomplishments.


That’s Jeff!


As a West Coast Training partner, I was also tasked with the school’s rite of initiation — climbing and operating their 100-foot crane! Since Climb Credit shares West Coast Training’s commitment to helping students get to new heights in their careers, I was up for the challenge of the climb — especially with Jeff to lead the way.


That’s me climbing the 100-foot crane.

That’s me freaking out about being in a 100-foot crane.


Yes, that is me operating the 100-foot crane. Watch out!


Climb is officially part of the West Coast Training family! What will your rite of initiation be?


Interested in heavy equipment training?


Partner Success Manager,
Climb Credit