How Climb Helped preHIRED Double Revenue in 6 Months

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How Climb Helped preHIRED Double Revenue in 6 Months

preHIRED is a sales bootcamp that teaches students how to successfully sell SaaS products to businesses. The six-week sales bootcamp guarantees job placement within 90 days — and vows to reimburse students if that doesn’t happen. This commitment to career success is one of the reasons we thought preHIRED would make a great Climb partner.


We aim to only finance top schools that get students jobs, and preHIRED is committed to delivering that experience. Co-founder Josh Jordan says: “The average 1st year pay is $70,000 right out of our program, which is awesome. And the 2nd year looks like $100,000 for many.”


Not only did preHIRED offer strong job placement rates, but they also have a very reasonable tuition price — and affordable education is extremely important to us here at Climb. This is exactly the type of partner school that we work to help grow through affordable financing options.


As soon as the program launched, students were starting to take advantage of the new simple monthly payment option.


The founder of preHIRED, Josh, noted, “More people prefer a monthly — instead of a major — payment.”


With a simple monthly payment offering in place, preHIRED was able to add value to their program and increase tuition revenue while still remaining affordable to students. “We've 2X'd and I really think we will be able to 3X revenue...”


See Josh’s full testimonial about his experience with Climb in the video below!


*preHIRED does not endorse loans originated by Climb InvestCo, LLC, and Climb InvestCo, LLC is not affiliated with preHIRED.
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