Introducing Climb Credit's Industry Spotlight Series

Climb Credit Loans

Whether you’re going back to school to receive more training or embarking on secondary education for the first time, you want to be confident that you’re going into a career that will change your life for the better. And all of us at Climb Credit get excited when we find schools offering programs in an area of study that does just that. So, we’ll be launching a new “Climb Industry Spotlight” series, where we’ll highlight the various careers you can enter through our partner schools, in industries such as:

  • Healthcare

  • Software Engineering

  • Education

  • Trucking

  • Heavy Equipment Operations

  • Professional Commercial Diving

From software development to education and healthcare to heavy equipment operations, over time we’ll spotlight the fast-growing fields and high-quality institutions that consistently provide a high return your educational investment. You can read our existing spotlights in this series by following the links below — And keep an eye out for our future posts, where we’ll give you a look at the other industries you can enter through one of our partner schools!


Content Marketing Manager,
Climb Credit