What Jobs Can You Get With a CDL?

Getting your commercial driver’s license (CDL) can open up doors to more careers than you may expect! With the positive economic outlook for truck driving careers and the relatively low cost of truck driving programs, a CDL can be a valuable educational investment. Below are just some of the jobs you can get with a CDL training program!  

Truck Driving Jobs

Over the Road or Regional Truck Driver

Did you know that there are different types of truck driving jobs? With a CDL, you can qualify for either an “Over the Road” (OTR) job or a regional driving job.

The difference is that OTR drivers are responsible for long-hauls, and they can be out on the road for a few weeks. Regional drivers are only responsible for local and semi-local driving. They’re able to work a normal shift and go home at the end of the day.

Salary Range: $32K-$70K

Bus Driving Jobs

Bus Driver

Truck driving jobs pay pretty well, but they are very solitary work. If you’re more interested in a job where you can interact with more people, becoming a Bus Driver could be a great use for your CDL certification.

In addition to being social, Bus Drivers generally get to work an 8-hour shift and go home at the end of the workday.

Salary range: $18K - $60K

Crane Operator Jobs

Crane or Other Heavy Equipment Operator

You may not have expected this one, but often times you need a CDL to operate construction equipment. You know those big cranes? Well someone has to drive them to and from the constructions site!

Along with a CDL, other heavy equipment certifications are also required to land one of these positions. You can get those certifications at a few of our partner schools:

West Coast Training

Heavy Construction Academy

Heavy Equipment Colleges of America

Salary range: $40K-$98K

Jobs You Can Get With a Commercial Driver's License (CDL)

Highway Maintenance Technician

Another unexpected position you can get with a CDL is a Highway Maintenance Worker. Some of the responsibilities of this job include: repairing roads, fences, and signs, as well as debris removal and equipment management.

Some of the large equipment needed to perform this position requires a CDL, and other certifications may also be required depending on the exact position.

Salary range: $26K-$60K

Truck Driving Instructor

CDL Training Instructor

If you’re interested in working with people and none of the jobs above sound like the right fit, consider becoming a CDL instructor! You can teach new drivers the way of the road, enjoy driving on a closed course, and pass the trade on to another generation.

Salary range: $34K-$72K


Salary ranges calculated using Payscale.com. Examples based on 3 years of work experience and the possession of a non-degree training certificate.

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