Happy New Year From Our CEO

By Zander Rafael

We love having the opportunity to help people pursue their passion and change their lives for the better. And here at Climb, we ourselves have been fortunate enough to see many positive changes as well. Looking back at 2016, it’s difficult not to be overwhelmed by how much has happened for us, and how much more we’re now able to do for students.

This past year has seen a growth we almost couldn’t believe; the new office we moved into is just the beginning. We’ve had the addition of wonderful new employees, expanding our team and our reach. We’ve also added numerous new schools to our list of partners: educational institutions who share the same mission of improving lives that we have, and who not only aim to make their students’ lives better, but who actually make that goal a reality.

We’ve also had the privilege of being able to utilize our resources and data in other areas. In August, the Department of Education announced their EQUIP program, and Climb was chosen to be a Quality Assurance Entity, helping to make sure schools and students are achieving their goals. We are also collaborating on the Tech Opportunity Fund, in which our role includes providing an “objective assessment of student financial need” and transparency “on all outcome data, including program acceptance and job placement rates.” Essentially, 2016 has brought new opportunities for us to do good beyond our usual functions as a loan provider, and we’re thrilled to take up those opportunities and carry them into 2017.

From predictions placed at the beginning of 2016 (some of which came true, some of which didn’t), to a white elephant gift exchange at the office Christmas party which saw our CTO receive $20 worth of pennies, this year has been one of amazing growth generated by the dedicated and skilled people we are honored to work with—in our office, in our partners’ offices, and with the students we communicate with every day. We’re incredibly thankful for all that’s happened this year and can’t wait to see what the next will bring. Happy New Year, and here’s to an even better 2017!

Update: As of May 2018, the CEO of Climb Credit is Angela Ceresnie.

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Zander Rafael

Co-Founder and CEO,
Climb Credit